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Rayton Solar’s efficient solar panel manufacturing process allows us to use one of the highest quality types of silicon – Float Zone Silicon – in our panels. The combined use of Float Zone Silicon and our patented processes gives Rayton Solar’s panels the potential to reach 24% efficiency reducing the solar energy cost by an estimated 60%. That is 25-40% higher solar efficiency than the majority of solar panels on the market! Competitors have not been able to take advantage of the efficiency boost from Float Zone Silicon because their solar cells are too thick – making the use of Float Zone Silicon too expensive. Rayton Solar can economically utilize Float Zone Silicon because we aim to use only a 3 micron thick slice of silicon per solar wafer (versus the 400 micron thick standard slice). Float Zone Silicon and our patented processes give Rayton Solar a potentially huge solar efficiency advantage.

Why does efficiency matter? A 25-40% more efficient cell means you need 25-40% less solar panels to produce the same amount of electricity! That not only means you benefit from a significant cost savings on solar panels, but also a significant savings in land needed to place the solar panels, installation, racking system, and inverters!

Solar cell efficiency and manufacturing costs are the two main factors that control the solar industry. With our patented technology, Rayton Solar has the prospect of being the industry leader in manufacturing cost and cell efficiency. Invest today, and join us as we begin the Solar Age!