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How does American solar energy company Rayton Solar anticipate manufacturing solar panels at a cost 60% less than industry market standard?

There are several ways in which Rayton Solar will achieve the 60% cost reduction. Chief among the ways will be a significant decrease in the cost of semiconductor material, a solar panel’s most expensive component. 

The traditional silicon cutting process uses a saw to cut silicon wafers 200 microns thick and has 50% waste — thus needing a 400-micron slice of silicon per wafer. These wafers are cut to 200 microns because the mechanical friction from the saw can crack the wafer when slicing any thinner.

At Rayton Solar we created a patented process to significantly reduce the amount of semiconductor material—including silicon and Gallium Arsenide (GaAs)— needed per solar panel,  making it one of the best solar panels in the world. Our process utilizes a particle accelerator that can potentially cut wafers at 2 microns with zero waste. 

We are entering the age where solar panels will become a mainstay of the world’s energy supply. American solar panel manufacturing companies now have an excellent opportunity to back a disruptive solar technology that represents a path to enabling change to a renewable future and an investment with very bright economic prospects.

About Rayton Solar

on the cutting edge of a solar revolution

Rayton Solar was founded by a team of renowned physicists who had previously used particle accelerators for cutting silicon. Andrew Yakub, CEO and Forbes 30 under 30 Founder, got his start in particle physics working as a design engineer at the UCLA Particle Beam Physics Laboratory. Watch the video to learn more about the solar technology and the opportunity investors have to partake in a much needed solution to kickstart an American solar revolution.