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Solar stocks were slumping in 2015 and 2016. Then, with new manufacturing technologies emerging and numerous governments mandating renewable energy, solar stocks picked back up in 2017. Now, solar energy companies are bracing for the effect of Trump’s tariff on imported solar cells and solar modules. Today, 95 percent of the solar panels used in the United States come from countries like China, Malaysia and South Korea, and US solar companies believe that tariffs are needed to protect the nation’s existing solar factories and to facilitate American solar innovation.


Facilitating a movement for American solar

Rayton Solar is Primed for US Solar Dominance

Rayton Solar is a US solar corporation and solar cell manufacturer. We’ve developed a proprietary approach to produce the most cost-effective solar cells and panels using particle accelerator technology. Rayton’s technology has the unique ability to eliminate up to 95% of kerf loss and make the most efficient solar wafers available on the market for 60% cheaper. This estimation is based on both the estimated reduction in raw material savings and reduced ion implantation costs. Kerf is defined as the width of material that is being removed by a cutting process. In the case of a diamond wire saw which is the conventional tool for cutting a solar silicon ingot, kerf loss is high—upwards of 50% of the silicon is wasted. Additionally, these methods are limited in their capacity— wafers cannot be cut thinner than 80-200 microns due to mechanical friction. In contrast, our method has the capacity to create a 2-micron thick solar cell wafer with zero waste, using a far more efficient semiconductor material in Gallium Arsenide (GaAs). GaAs is used today in a handful of applications primarily by NASA and the military for satellites, spacecraft, and UAVs, but it produces a far more efficient solar cell when compared to silicon.

Investing in Rayton Solar is an Investment in Solar’s Future

One of the main holdups for American solar energy transformation in recent years has been the cost of renewable systems. Our technology is tackling this issue head-on by utilizing a patented cutting technique to produce incredibly thin sheets of solar cell wafers. We’re capable of manufacturing between 100 and 50 times thinner solar wafers using a far more efficient raw material than what is currently achieved in standard, silicon-based solar panel manufacturing. This means we can make panels from the same volume of material than anyone else, slashing the price per unit.

The Rayton Solar team is a group of renowned particle physicists and scientists. 4000+ investors see the renewable energy investment opportunities that exist with our efficiency and ability to store solar energy with less waste and at a reduced cost. Rayton Solar trails Elio Motors as the second company ever to raise money from Regulation A+ (Title IV) crowdfunding in a non-traditional, non-VC method.

Rayton Solar Particle Accelerator Arrives Soon

Rayton Solar is receiving a delivery of its particle accelerator to its new headquarters located in “Silicon Beach” i.e. Santa Monica, California. There, the initial in-house pilot line production solar electronics and renewables will begin. Currently, the company continues to make progress by investing in research and development. The valuable ion implantation technology will impact how solar cells will be produced in the near future. This technology leaves the door open to manufacture solar cells comprised of varying solar semiconductor materials in the future. Rayton has received an investment of over $6 million in exchange for equity in the company. Bill Nye, along with over 4,000 investors, have stood behind Rayton Solar. To purchase stock in the company, visit https://www.startengine.com/rayton-solar

Please read Rayton Solar’s Offering Circular for further information.