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Rayton Solar to Demonstrate Technology to Leading Innovators at CES 2018


Los Angeles – December 20, 2017 – Rayton Solar, developer of revolutionary technology to manufacture solar energy materials that are more cost-effective and efficient, today announced it will be presenting at CES 2018 Las Vegas alongside a prestigious group of Extreme Tech Challenge semi-finalists. The Extreme Tech Challenge a highly selective competition that empowers early-stage companies to generate visibility and potential resources from leading innovators.

As part of the competition, Rayton Solar will present its technology January 11 at The Venetian hotel to Young Sohn, president and chief strategy officer of Samsung Electronics, Gary Shapiro, chief executive officer of the Consumer Technology Association, and Koichi Narasaki, chief digital officer and managing executive at leading Japanese insurer, Sompo Holdings. The top three companies move on to present at the final round to Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island.

 An Important Milestone for Rayton Solar

“We are honored and excited to participate in the Extreme Tech Challenge at CES, which provides an excellent opportunity to present our technology to a group of key innovators and business leaders,” said Andrew Yakub, the chief executive officer of Rayton Solar. “Our presence at CES 2018 is an important milestone for the company, as we continue to make progress developing our technology and demonstrating how to make solar less expensive and more efficient so that it can better impact the world.”

Rayton Solar’s technology utilizes a particle accelerator to manufacture solar materials that require significantly less semiconductor material. The company is on target to receive its accelerator in the first half of 2018, at which point it will begin developing a pilot solar product line.

“We believe our solar technology can unlock previously untapped applications for solar cells to make a greater impact in everyday life, such as extending the battery life of electric cars and cell phones, wirelessly powering electronic sensors and smart home devices, and other future applications that require a thin, flexible, high-efficiency cell,” Yakub said.

More about Rayton Solar

Rayton Solar is a California-based solar technology company that aims to develop the world’s most cost-effective source of energy. By bringing together essential particle accelerator technology and solar energy manufacturing, Rayton has created semiconductor cutting and handling techniques that can be leveraged to transform the way electricity is generated around the world.

For more information, please contact investor@raytonsolar.com or call Rayton Solar’s investor relations line at (424) 645-7359. To receive a presentation from CES 2018 Extreme Tech Challenge, click here.