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Rayton Solar is proud to announce the addition of a new team member — Dr. Joshua McNeur. Dr. McNeur will support Rayton Solar as the Accelerator and Design Engineer who leads the operation and characterization of Rayton Solar’s unique high current ion source. He received his Ph.D. from UCLA, with a research focus on accelerator and charged beam physics. He brings over 10 years of experience in designing, characterizing and operating various forms of particle accelerators. Dr. McNeur was brought onboard the team to manage and operate the Rayton Solar ion implanter, set to arrive from Rayton Solar’s partner, Phoenix Nuclear Labs later this year. Dr. McNeur will also be training in Madison, Wisconsin alongside Phoenix Nuclear Labs’ team members in preparation of running the particle accelerator at Rayton Solar’s facility.

Rayton Solar’s New Design Engineer, Dr. McNeur, Published in The Optical Society 

Rayton Solar’s new Accelerator Engineer, Dr. McNeur, most recently published his academic work performed at the University of Erlangen in Optica, a journal of the Optical Society of America. His paper on Elements of a dielectric laser accelerator explores several physical concepts necessary for the future development of dielectric laser accelerators—photonic elements that utilize the inelastic interaction between electrons and the optical near fields of laser-illuminated periodic nanostructures. You can read the paper here:

Rayton Solar_McNeur Optica Paper

Check out more of Dr. Josh McNeur’s published papers here:





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