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A new solar startup plans to make solar energy more of a threat to fossil fuels, while also making solar panel manufacturing much more efficient.  Download Article



Using cutting tools to make solar cells represents a new purpose for Phoenix Nuclear Labs’ particle accelerators. Download Article



The goal of Rayton is to facilitate cost-efficient solar panel production in the United States that can compete with Chinese solar panels, cutting out waste in the solar cell production process.  Download Article



Bill Nye-backed startup is using particle accelerator tech to make U.S. solar power more accessible and economically viable.  Download Article


Rayton Solar addresses the inefficiencies of the solar manufacturing industry head on with a patented silicon cutting process that makes it one of the best solar companies to invest in. Download Article

Making flexible solar cells with better material could allow Rayton to manufacture panels at a fraction of the current price, unlocking a host of potential applications and making solar affordable to the masses. Download Article 

Start-up plans to upend the solar industry and make renewable energy cost-effective to the point where subsidies in solar will no longer be needed. Download Article

Bill Nye and 4,000+ others are investing in a solar energy company with a patented process that uses a particle accelerator. Download Article

When solar becomes more affordable, it will help address some of the skepticism renewable energy has faced as a reliable alternative to fossil fuels. 

Rayton Solar Investment Update: Particle Accelerator to Arrive Soon

Rayton Solar is awaiting delivery of a particle accelerator from Phoenix Nuclear Labs to its new headquarters located in “Silicon Beach” i.e. Santa Monica, California. There, the initial phase I, in-house pilot line production of solar cell electronics will begin. In the interim, we continue to make progress by investing in research and development. We will continue to test this valuable, cost-effective ion implantation technology in future solar applications, in solar-powered cars and, eventually, utility-scale solar projects across the country. This valuable technology also leaves the door open to manufacturing solar cells comprised of varying solar semiconductor materials.

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Rayton Solar Review: Watch the Video

Solar and other renewable energy sources continue to expand, yet collectively they still account for barely 12 percent of all the electricity that the world consumes.

As you see in the video, Rayton’s proprietary particle accelerator solar technology uses just a sliver of the expensive raw material needed make high-efficiency solar panels—including the semiconductor material gallium arsenide — enabling us to reduce the cost substantially and bring solar power charging to various electronics.

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