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Dr. Mingguo Liu, Chief Technology Officer for Rayton Solar, was nominated at Los Angeles Business Journal CTO Awards last week alongside many of the city’s top information technologists and technology officers. Dr. Liu was recognized for playing a vital role in making Los Angeles a hub for innovation for his groundbreaking research in solar cell technology at Rayton Solar. Dr. Liu’s specialties include product engineering and new product development of CPV cells/receivers/lens/modules, with expertise in solar cells, single photon counting /single photon avalanche diodes(SPAD), semiconductor wafer processing and fabrication, electrical, optical, and thermal measurement and characterization, data analysis, numerical modeling, and simulation and much more. Download the 2018 CTO Award program.

About Dr. Mingguo Liu

Prior to Rayton Solar, Liu was Director of Product Engineering at Arzon Solar (a concentrator photovoltaic technology company) where he led the team to break the world record of solar module efficiency two times. He also has extensive experience in prototyping and manufacturing ramp-up. He obtained his M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from University of Texas at Austin and the University of Virginia.

GaAs Sapphire                       Dr. Mingguo Liu presents a sapphire substrate which will bond Rayton’s solar cells.

Rayton Solar Review: Watch the Video

Solar and other renewable energy sources continue to expand, yet they still account for barely 12 percent of all the electricity that the world consumes.

As you see in the video, Rayton’s proprietary particle accelerator solar technology uses just a sliver of the expensive raw material needed make a solar cell, enabling us to reduce the cost substantially and bringing solar power charging to various electronics.