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On the show Billions, an American TV drama series on Showtime, a company called Rayveon Solar aims to supply solar panels for their charity work in Africa. In real-life, Rayton Solar is trying to do the same for the island of Haiti.



Rayton Solar Speaks at Haiti’s First Tech Summit

In 2017, 100 tech companies and organizations from around the world convened in the hopes to move Haiti into a future marked by sustainability and innovation. Rayton Solar spoke about the benefit its revolutionary solar panels could bring to an area that is facing two big energy challenges: a broken electricity sector and a dependency on fossil fuels. The electricity sector in Haiti, in particular, is among the most challenged in the island nations. Only about one-quarter of the population had access to electricity prior to Hurricane Matthew in 2010, and that remains the case today. Of the 10 million people that live in Haiti, 8 million do not have electricity.

Rayton Solar sees immense potential for renewable energy systems in Haiti. Even for the few with access to electricity, reliability is a chief concern. Many businesses and households pay out of pocket to install costly, inefficient, and environmentally unfriendly diesel generators in order to gain access to electricity. Rayton Solar’s use of high current proton accelerators to produce low cost, high-efficiency solar panels would allow Haiti to move beyond its reliance on existing diesel and fuel oil power generators, and restore power from a 100% renewable energy source.

About the Haiti Tech Summit

The Haiti Tech Summit is a 13-year Initiative of the Global Startup Ecosystem which conducts the largest online digital accelerator in emerging markets. The Silicon Mountain, with its tropical climate and exotic beaches, is the ideal Caribbean getaway for tech enthusiasts and disruptors. The 2017 Summit attracted executives from Google, Facebook, Uber, LinkedIn, Airbnb, PayPal, and many other leading tech companies.

The Summit aims to revitalize Haiti’s entrepreneurial economy and reposition it as a global study of catalyzed innovation within an emerging market country. Haiti’s culturally diverse history make it the ideal stage to gather global industry and solar enegy leaders, technology entrepreneurs, and clean energy companies into a forum to exchange ideas, in an effort to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges in sustainability. When people hear of Haiti, their first thoughts are centered on earthquakes, devastation, poverty and destruction. Despite that association, Haiti has one of the most dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystems in the world. The summit is yet another way to build on these efforts as tech leaders unite to design and implement sustainable programs that train, fund, and provide access to renewable resources for Haiti.