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Solar Technology That's Turning Heads

Awards and Honors 

for solar energy innovation

Rayton Solar boasts a number of awards and honors for its cost-efficient solar cell manufacturing processOur team and technology have been recognized across multiple respected publication channels and featured in major events and conferences that support sustainable solutions and burgeoning technologies in cleantech, including:

  • CES 2018 Extreme Tech Challenge
  • Business Intelligence Group’s Sustainability Award
  • Climate Resolve’s Coolest in LA 2017
Coolest in LA Award

FOR solar cell efficiency

“Coolest in LA” shines a spotlight on five cool projects that are helping LA and California lead the world in the fight against climate change. Rayton Solar was recently recognized for its revolutionary research in solar cell efficiency.

Coolest in LA is an entrepreneurial reception in one of downtown’s coolest spaces that feature 300 diverse environmental entrepreneurs in the city of Los Angeles. 

Forbes 30 Under 30

Andrew yakub, CEO, Receives honor in ENERGY category

Rayton Solar CEO, Andrew Yakub, was selected for the 2016 Forbes Top 30 Under 30 list in the Energy sector. Yakub was a recipient of the distinguished award for being one of the top innovators in energy under the age of 30. This achievement is the culmination of his years of experience ranging from UCLA’s Particle Beam Physics Lab to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, his management of over 6MW of commercial solar projects, and the groundbreaking research and technological discoveries  at Rayton Solar.

Business Intelligence Group

Sustainability leader in solar energy innovation

The Sustainability Awards honor those who have made sustainability an integral part of their business practice. The most precious asset all businesses share is our Earth. The efforts individuals and businesses make to sustain this vital resource is not only necessary, but it also makes good business sense. The Sustainability Awards program provides the opportunity for an organization to receive global recognition by a panel of volunteer judges who themselves are leaders and experts in sustainable businesses. Rayton Solar was recognized as a sustainability leader alongside AT&T, Oracle, and TerraCycle for its innovative particle accelerator technology that’s working to reduce the environmental impact and inefficiencies of traditional solar cell manufacturing techniques.
CES 2018 Finalist

Rayton Solar featured in Extreme Tech Challenge

Rayton Solar was a semi-finalist at the CES 2018 Extreme Tech Challenge, a highly selective competition that empowers early-stage companies to generate visibility and potential resources from leading innovators. Rayton Solar was selected for the development of revolutionary solar energy technology to manufacture solar energy materials that are more cost-effective and efficient.

Rayton Solar gave a presentation on its solar cell technology and its plans to scale solar energy at The Venetian hotel in Las Vegas, in front of Young Sohn, president and chief strategy officer of Samsung Electronics, Gary Shapiro, chief executive officer of the Consumer Technology Association, and Koichi Narasaki, chief digital officer and managing executive at leading Japanese insurer, Sompo Holdings.

To access the full presentation from CES 2018, get in touch.

Rayton Solar is entering a $10.1 Billion Solar Panel Market with the lowest solar cell manufacturing  costs and highest efficiency available on the market.