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 Particle Accelerator Will Soon Begin Cutting Silicon for Solar Applications

Thanks to the support from over 1,500 investors, we are months away from could be the world’s most cost-effective and cleanest source of energy. We have ordered a particle accelerator and it is scheduled for delivery in the next few months from Phoenix Nuclear Labs It is capable of slicing up ultra-precise pieces of the highest graded silicon, the key material used to make most solar panels. You can learn more about this innovation in solar technology in the below announcement video:


Thank you for all your support, and please share our campaign to help us begin the solar age!

The Rayton Solar Team


Inside the Phoenix Nuclear Laboratory

About Phoenix Nuclear Labs — Rayton Solar’s exclusive solar cell technology partner.

Phoenix Nuclear Labs (PNL) is the exclusive supplier our breakthrough solar power technology—alow-cost, efficient high current proton accelerators. Under the terms of the long-term agreement, PNL will deliver the first system to Rayton Solar in 2018, followed by additional units in 2019. Founded in 2005 in Middleton, Wis., Phoenix Nuclear Labs has developed a proprietary, particle accelerator-driven, nuclear fusion technology used for several applications ranging from medicine to national defense. For more information on our solar energy partner visit: http://phoenixnuclearlabs.com.