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Our Partners in Solar Cell Technology

Particle Accelerator Supplier

Phoenix Nuclear Labs Supports Rayton's U.S. Solar Initiative


Existing solar cell manufacturing utilizes diamond wire saws to cut thin layers of silicon, a process that is not only inefficient but results in high kerf loss. American solar companies Rayton Solar and Phoenix Nuclear Laboratory are teaming up to utilize high current ion beams produced by Phoenix to revolutionize solar panel manufacturing, cleaving thin layers of the most efficient semiconductor material with zero waste. Our process of producing photovoltaic cells uses 50-100 times less material than the traditional methods.


Phoenix Nuclear Labs — Rayton Solar’s exclusive solar cell technology partner.

Phoenix Nuclear Labs (PNL) is the exclusive supplier of our breakthrough solar-powered technology. Under the terms of the long-term agreement, PNL will deliver the first particle accelerator to Rayton Solar in 2018, followed by additional units in 2019. Founded in 2005 in Middleton, Wis., Phoenix Nuclear Labs has developed a proprietary, particle accelerator-driven, nuclear fusion technology used for several applications ranging from medicine to national defense. For more information on our solar energy partner, visit: http://phoenixnuclearlabs.com.

A cutting-edge movement for solar

Using a particle accelerator to speed up sub-atomic particles to nearly the speed of light, Rayton Solar is able to slice up precise pieces of semiconductor material for use in solar panel manufacturing. Rayton Solar and Phoenix have partnered to address the machinery constraints and inefficiencies of past particle accelerator technologies used for solar and/or renewable energy applications.

Rayton Solar holds a significant cost/technology advantage using Phoenix Nuclear Labs’ particle accelerators:

1. Implantation

Rayton Solar can implant ions 2 microns deep into a layer of gallium arsenide (GaAs) film.

2. Waste Reduction

Rayton Solar is able to reduce GaAs waste to zero.

3. Power

300 keV H+ implantation at high current (100 mA).


We convert 80% of input energy into the beam, producing 300 6” wafers per hour.

5. Capacity

We can produce 6 MW of solar power annually per Implanter.

6. Expertise

Patented process that cannot be replicated.
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